Posted - 16-02-2017


The National Library of Wales in the Digital Age

Developments in digital technology mean that Libraries in the 21st century have to adapt its services to fulfill the needs of their users. Today, users are familiar with using a wide variety of digital sources on a daily basis for their research or for social interaction. This in turn influences the way in which people connect, converse and relate to each other in addition to changing the way in which they interpret and experience culture.

The National Library of Wales is seeking to focus on finding out exactly how the user interacts and uses digital services and facilities within the library’s physical space in order to improve their digital experience.

By looking at the habits of library visitors and their expectations the Library is hoping it will give a clear insight into what users would like to see inside the building in digital format.

A questionnaire was considered the best way of getting a broad range of information and opinions from members of the public and by placing the user at the heart of the study it focuses on the quality of their experiences and what they value about the library and similarly what they do not.

It is hoped that the results of the questionnaire will enable the Library to look at what is currently presented digitally alongside physical spaces and think of ways in which they can better adapt its functions and services to provide new ways of presenting using technology to enhance not distract visitors from their visit.

The Library would like to make users’ visit to the Library as enjoyable and interesting as possible with the aim of inspiring users to view and engage with its vast collections and at the same time increase their cultural knowledge and understanding.

Therefore if you can spare 5 minutes of your time we would be very grateful if you could fill in this Digital Experience Questionnaire and share your views so that we can learn from you and deliver a positive and easy visitor experience through digital means.


Bethan Rees

Digital Access


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