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Posted - 01-07-2010


A radio interview with Rhys Mwyn

Over the last few months I have been interviewed and have been featured on a few Welsh language television and radio programmes, talking about my work at the Archive. I don’t mind doing them since it hopefully increases awareness of the Archive within Wales while giving me more confidence in public speaking.

Next week I will be interviewed again, this time by a hero, friend, co-collector and co-enthusiast of the Welsh Rock Scene; Rhys Mwyn. Rhys and his producer will be visiting the Archive next Monday to talk about the Archive, the collection policy as part of Rhys’s tour of Wales looking at various areas’ contribution to the music scene in the past and now.

I first met Rhys at The Angel Public House in Aberystwyth in March 1990, at the time he was playing with the band Yr Anrhefn. They were about to release their single Rhedeg i Paris (Running to Paris). Since then, when we meet it’s a meeting of minds of music; the Welsh underground cultural scene and life in general.

I look forward in welcoming Rhys to the Archive, since he has given many, many items to us and also is a valuable contact for information and other contacts.

I am informed that the programme is likely to be broadcast on Radio Cymru on Wednesday the 7th of July.

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Posted - 29-03-2010


Things to do – the end of the financial year

Every year February/March is busy with the end of the financial year. This year is slightly different with the additional search for localised audio-visual material released in Wales in the last 3 years or so. A colleague within the National Library has been informing the Archive of CDs andDVDs released by individuals and organisations advertised in local press.

This information is invaluable or otherwise the Archive will not be able to collect them, some releases are pressed in low three figures. Local charity releases, local entertainers and local history items.

I’ve tried to blitz the backlog of items searching and obtaining these – out of about a 50 items around 45 of these are here at the archive already, ready to be catalogued or on their way.

With the commercial releases, recent DVD  films with Welsh connections or Welsh actors have been purchased such as Matthew Rhys ‘Brothers and Sisters’ box set and The Proud Valley film.

Sound recordings include updating the Mike Peters/The Alarm collection and the Alabama 3 country/hiphop mashup. One contact that came about from the localised publication was Cheyne Records, they have transferred Welsh artist 78 rpms onto cd.

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Posted - 17-02-2010


Film students tour

We had a busy afternoon yesterday, not only installing the new Quadriga sound system, but also playing host to a large group of 3rd year film students from Aberystwyth University. They seemed to enjoy working their way through the labyrinth leading to our storage cells, and were quite taken by our various “real film” contraptions.

The tour was completed with a screening in our cinema  of a sustainable-Wales film produced by John Burgan, on behalf of CAT, which makes extensive use of industrial footage from the Archive.

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