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Posted - 05-11-2010


Glimpses of the past

From this week, six films from our collection will be shown on the BBC Big Screen in Cardiff.  The screen is located outside the St David’s Hall, and some 200,000 shoppers and passers-by walk by the screen every week.

The titles will include “Taking the plunge“- footage of the Wales Empire Pool in 1968, which was built for the 1958 Empire Games, and also 1940s footage of the dock area.

Also on show will be footage of the centre of Cardiff during the 1930s, which will include shots of the Queen Street shops, the National Museum and shots of the buses, trams and trains which were in operation at the time.

It is now hoped that films from Swansea will be added to the big screen there soon.

I hope that people passing by will get an opportunity to see and enjoy these films. If anyone would like more information about these films should contact us.

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