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Posted - 17-12-2012

View & Listen

A Journey in Time

Last week, I finally got to view the following title A Journey in Time with its newly recorded narration that was carried out earlier this year. This 15 minute amateur film features scenes of the railway between Strata Florida(Pontrhydfendigaid/Ystrad Meurig) and the town of Aberystwyth. It dates from 1964 & 1969 and was shot by Daniel A. Daniell on R8mm film. The soundtrack was co-ordinated by Roger Humphreys and the commentary was written and spoken by Brian Hopton.

A fascinating film showing the steam age and well worth a visit to the Archive for a viewing.

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Posted - 15-11-2010


Standard 8mm collection

Currently, I’m in the middle of inspecting and transferring a standard 8mm collection. What I enjoy most with the amateur captured small format films is that they’re a window into a very private world. Approximately 50 reels were donated to the archive and these silent films seem to date from the 1950s/early 60s.  I’ve had to wear a face mask whilst inspecting some of these reels as there’s quite a bit of mould present. These reels were then hand cleaned with a chemical called perchloroethylene before the transfer.

From what I’ve viewed with the current digital video transfers, it’s predominantly scenes from the Aberystwyth area which includes GPO workers raising a satellite onto Blaenplwyf transmitter mast in addition to scenes taken from the top!, the town’s harbour plus the National Eisteddfod of Wales that visited the town in 1952.

Once these reels have been transferred to digital tape, a DVD copy will be made for the depositor and another copy for our Viewing Room. These titles should be available to view in December.

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