A Day of Celebration

Kyffin Blog - Posted 15-12-2010

Monday (13/12/10) was a day of celebration and thanksgiving at the Library. After over  two years of hard work by many individuals involved with the Kyffin Williams project, a major milestone was reached with the official opening of the new storage area.

Julian with a fine binding

The event attracted about fifty people including members of Chapters, the Library Board and the Kyffin Board. We congregated in the Council Chamber where Julian Thomas gave a very interesting talk about his friendship with Kyffin over the years. He exhibited a number of  the fine-bindings he had made for Kyffin, using the artist’s own designs for some of his volumes, such as Across the Straits and A Wider Sky. Julian, the Conservation Treatment Unit Manager is retiring this Christmas after serving the Library for more than forty years. The Librarian thanked him for his long and distinguished contribution, and for being such an important ambassador for the Library. Another tribute was paid by Paul Joyner (Head of Archives and Art Acquisitions), emphasizing his worldwide fame as a fine bookbinder and as an expert in archival conservation.

Julian showing more fine bindings

We then made our way to the new storage area where Pamela Small of the Preventive Unit explained her role (and others, including the local blacksmith) in the process of securing and adapting the storage area where the Kyffin collection will be securely kept under the best environmental conditions (see Kyffin Williams Store).

Iwan Bryn James
Preventive Conservation Unit Manager

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