International Women’s Day 2022

Collections - Posted 08-03-2022

As part of International Women’s Day 2022 celebrations the National Library is displaying some items from the collections of Menna Elfyn, Jan Morris and Margiad Evans:

• Menna Elfyn is an award-winning poet and playwright who writes with passion of the Welsh language and identity. She is one of Wales’s best known and most translated modern Welsh-language poets.

• Jan Morris (1926-2020) was a Welsh historian, author and travel writer. Published in 1974, Conundrum was her first book under her new name, and one of the first autobiographies to discuss a personal gender reassignment.

• A novelist, essayist, poet and writer of short stories, Margiad Evans (1909-1958), born Peggy Eileen Whistler, was one of the most remarkable women writers of the mid-twentieth century. She is known for her ground-breaking depictions of love, sex, illness and death in the lives and work of women inhabiting harsh and restrictive rural environments.



Learn more about the collections by searching our catalogue:

Papurau Menna Elfyn

Jan Morris Papers

Margiad Evans Manuscripts


Drop in to see the exhibition this month.


Nia Mai Daniel

Head of Archives, Manuscripts, and Contemporary Records


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