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David Meredith, Chairman of the Sir Kyffin Williams Trust takes part in our #LoveArt Campaign.

Sir Kyffin Williams 1918-2006

The National Library holds the largest collection of works by Sir Kyffin, John Kyffin Williams or Kyffin as he would like to be called.

There was no stopping on his creativity, he painted continuously for 60 years – landscapes, portraits, people were very important to him, magnificent paintings and the sea and it’s mighty waves (as Jan Morris said – the sea was in his blood ‘), cartoons and and magnificent lino cuts.

Come to the National Library to enjoy his work. To me there is no one like Kyffin Williams for capturing ‘the moment’ – clouds in a lonely valley, a foggy mountain, a sheepdog jumping over a stone wall, or the image of a child or adult.

A miraculous element about Kyffin’s paintings is that they constantly change as light strike them. To me, he is the champion of our art, the best ambassador of Welsh art in the world. He put the mountains of Wales and it’s people on a pedestal and his paintings of Patagonia (a collection that I am very fond of) are a treasure to remind us of our fellow Welsh people in Patagonia and teaching us about the Guanaco, the birds and the prairie.

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