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#LoveArt / Collections / News and Events - Posted 20-12-2017

David Meredith, Chairman of the Sir Kyffin Williams Trust takes part in our #LoveArt Campaign.

Gareth Parry (1951)

A native of Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd. His charming paintings show his love for his hometown. He once specialized in painting very detailed paintings of birds, wonderful paintings – all feathers in place.
To me he is a champion of capturing a rainy day on a busy street full of people, suffering the elements – when you look at the painting you can feel how wet the rain is!
His paintings are a joy to the eye – moody paintings of beaches and of ships are so real, making one feel the waves and the dance of the waves below.
Gareth has captured the colour of rock face perfectly – the fascinating mold is very simple. I love to ‘go in’ to his paintings.
I am delighted with his work – paintings which are a feast to the eye and the senses.
One does not always wish to transport themselves to those places an artist invites you to visit, but Gareth’s invite is so appealing, it evokes a notion of that is where you wish to be!

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