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#LoveArt / Collections / News and Events - Posted 08-11-2017

Over the next four weeks Welsh Language Commissioner, Meri Huws will introduce her favourite art works from the Library’s collection as part of the #LoveArt Campaign.

She has chosen ‘Porthgain’ by Gwilym Pritchard as her third choice.

The Beauty of Porthgain

I was truly privileged to have the opportunity to browse through Gwilym Pritchard’s sketch book. It felt so personal and showed his detailed and intricate preparation before displaying finished work. I felt that I had an insight into the method in which one of Wales’ most prominent artists worked.

The piece that I chose was a simple watercolour piece. But what was remarkable and shows Gwilym Pritchard’s unique talent is that the romance of Porthgain was portrayed through this uncomplicated piece. Porthgain holds a special place in my heart as I spent my teenage years in a nearby village – there is a unique combination of history, beauty and determination there and although this is a sketch, it conveys all these elements to me.

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