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#LoveArt / Collections / News and Events - Posted 22-11-2017

Welsh Language Commissioner, Meri Huws introduces her favourite art works from the Library’s collection as part of the #LoveArt Campaign.

She has chosen ‘Greenham Peace Vigil’ by Claudia Williams as her final choice.

Divine and Spiritual

The last piece that I’ve chosen is another piece by Claudia Williams – but this time it a portrait of the peace camp at Greenham Common that was established in the early 80s to protest against nuclear missiles.  My mother was part of this important historical event – something that I am very proud of.

It is interesting how the artist has chosen to portray the family orientated, spiritual side of the protests – with the non-traditional headscarf worn by many of the women in the painting of interest to me.  There is something divine about the painting and the strength of the mothers and the women unmistakable.  It also portrays the range of ages, from young mothers to older women and children, who were part of this important protest

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Claudia Williams has long been my heroine. Her technique and colour sense place her among the giants of post-Impressionist art. Her connection with important historical events like Tryweryn and Greenham Common are evidence of her intelligent use of her natural talent.

Florence Brady

Commented November 22, 2017 / 19:23:26




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