#LoveArt – Valériane Leblond

#LoveArt / Collections / News and Events - Posted 24-01-2018

This month, artist Valériane Leblond takes part in our #LoveArt campaign.

She has chosen Drawing volume DV56 of Welsh Primitive Art  as her second choice.

These pictures are really fascinating, and I am so grateful to the National Library I got to see the originals. These paintings are very mysterious – who is the artist? A woman, a man? What age? What background? We can only guess. The technique is far from being academically perfect, but it conveys a unique feeling. The places depicted are local to Aberystwyth area, and the subjects are everyday activities of that time (drawing water from the fountain, fishing, working at the mill…). There are children playing, women with babies, farm animals grazing, and the pictures are both full of life and calm peaceful scenes.

Drawing volume DV56 of Welsh Primitive Art (PA6784)

Valériane Leblond

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