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View & Listen - Posted 27-05-2010

At the moment I’m ploughing my way through all sorts of films from the collection to put together a short compliation for a client who has requested a ‘taster’ of the film heritage. It’s an interesting process – not only reminding myself of the striking images we have in the collection but also having to think how disparate clips can be knitted together to form a coherent whole. Yesterday I viewed ‘Llandudno – Naples of the North’ – a 1950s ‘period piece’ – and although it contains some lovely images I had to put it back on the shelf in the end because of its very bitty, staccato structure – clip after brief clip like uniform beads on a string – echoing the clipped narration! Another problem will be the sound: somehow the soundtrack will need to bind together sound and silent clips …. a bit of a challenge against a looming deadline!

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