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Collections / Digitisation - Posted 09-02-2021

Although our building is closed at the moment a great deal of work has continued behind the scenes and since June the following items and collections have been made available to view from home on the Library’s website and/or the catalogue:

Archives and Manuscripts

Peniarth Collection

Wynn (of Gwydir) Papers: (1515-[c. 1684])

Almost 10,000 images of personal papers and papers relating to the public offices of members of the Wynn family of Gwydir, Caernarfonshire have been made available. 2,786 items from the Sir John Williams Group, 1519-1683 (NLW MSS 463-470) and the Panton Group, 1515- [c. 1699] (NLW MSS 9051-9069) can be found in the catalogue.

Sir John Herbert Lewis Papers

8 diaries in the Sir John Herbert Lewis Papers from the period 1925-1933 are now available:

Gareth Vaughan Jones Papers

Passport of Gareth Vaughan Jones, 1930-1934 (B5/3)

Printed Material

Early Welsh Books Collection

2,470 volumes are available on the catalogue, including the notable works of William Salesbury A dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe, [1547], Kynniver llith a ban [1551] a The descripcion of the sphere or frame of the worlde [ca. 1553]), the first part of Gruffydd Robert’s grammar, Dosparth byrr ar y rhann gyntaf i ramadeg cymraeg (1567), Drych y Prif Oesoedd [1716] and Cyd-gordiad egwyddorawl o’r Scrythurau [1730].


900 biographies are now available through the catalogue, including titles such as:

More biographies will be released over the coming months.

First World War

A selection of printed materials relating to the First World War have been released:

Maps and Graphic Material

Map collection

Idris Mathias’s manuscript map of the lower Teifi valley.

Portrait Collection

A further 970 items from the Portrait collection have been made available, including images of individuals such as: Cranogwen; “Old Ellen Lloyd”; Edward Ellis y Gof, Blaenau Ffestiniog inventor of the ‘car gwyllt’; Elizabeth Lloyd, ‘Beti Bwt’ and John Ballinger, S. K. Greenslade, Evan Davies Jones and Sir John Williams with the American Ambassador, the Hon. Whitelaw Reid at the National Library of Wales site, 1 November 1912.

Dictionary of Welsh Biography

16 new articles have been added to the website:


Morfudd Nia Jones (Digital Content Officer)

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