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Collections - Posted 14-02-2022

It’s already a month into 2022 and a new year brings with it new digital resources. Our digitisation work has continued behind the scenes and the following items and collections are now available to view from home on the Library’s website and/or the catalogue:

Archives and Manuscripts

Peniarth, Llanstephan, Cwrtmawr and Brogyntyn Collections


Also, the following manuscripts are now available to view through our viewer:

‘The Chain’ Meteorological registers

Work has begun on digitising a series of meteorological registers of thermometer, barometer and rain gauge readings in ‘The Chain’:

Work to digitise the volumes up to 1945 will also continue in the coming weeks.

Printed Material


A further 288 biographies have been made available through the catalogue, including works such as:

Arthurian Collection

We have continued to digitise printed works relating to King Arthur and a further 21 volumes are now available:

Musical Volumes

Two important musical volumes have also been digitized:

Maps and Graphic Material

Portrait Collection

Around 100 portraits have been added to the catalogue, including photographs of J .Herbert Lewis, Clara Butt, Syr Frank Ree, Betty Blythe and Mrs. Lewis, Llanaeron, on her hundredth birthday in 1913!

Dictionary of Welsh Biography

24 new articles have been added to the website:

Don’t forget to follow the Dictionary of Welsh Biography’s Twitter account: @WelshBiography

Morfudd Nia Jones (Digital Content Officer)

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