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As of October 2018 the Library will share a number of additional items from its collections on Europeana, a European digital cultural platform. We are currently working with 12 other partner institutions on a project entitled ‘The Rise of Literacy’ which aims to explore the history of reading and writing in Europe. In this weekly blog series – ‘Revealing the Objects, some of the Library’s contributions will be disclosed on a thematic basis.

Here’s a selection of lifestyle and cookbooks that will be digitized as part of the project.

Augusta Hall – Good cookery illustrated. And recipes communicated by the Welsh hermit of the cell of St. Gover, with various remarks on many things past and present (1867)

Augusta Hall, or Lady Llanover was a prominent sponsor of Welsh folk culture. Her ‘Good Cookery Illustrated’ contained Welsh tales and recipes. It was structured around the conversations of a traveller to Llanover and the hermit of Llanover.

Thomas, Thomas – Llyfr Coginio a Chadw T? (1880)

Thomas Thomas was a Wesleyan minister and miscellaneous writer. He was an active producer of popular books and his volume ‘Llyfr Coginio a Chadw T?’ (‘Book of Cookery and Housekeeping’) was particularly successful. This work was aimed at the women of Wales. Its objective was to instruct its audience on how to cook delicious and nutritious meals. The volume was marketed as a text book for inexperienced cooks. In addition, it contained clear directions on how to arrange the household, in order to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for the family unit. The author was convinced that such shortcomings in the arrangement of one’s household drove men to public houses.

Thomas, Thomas – Llyfr pawb ar bob-peth: sef, y ffordd oreu i gyflawni holl ddyledswyddau, ac i gyfarfod a holl amgylchiadau bywyd cyffredin (1880)

‘Llyfr pawb ar bob-peth’ was also among Thomas Thomas’s most successful works. This small volume of instructions was aimed at a wide and diverse audience; for ‘everyone and all’. For the young man, it contained instructions on reading and writing; outlined an acceptable code of conduct; instructions in dressing appropriately, and choosing a suitable companion. For the young women, the author gave clear instructions on how to keep a clean and tidy home, and the means in which clothing were to be kept. For the young couple the volume contained suggestions on how to choose, buy and build a suitable home, means of organisation and how to govern the family unity. For the young farmer it contained recommendations on breeding stock and outlined the most effective ways of securing high quality produce.

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