Story of Wales: Quiz 3

Story of Wales - Posted 24-04-2020

As part of our Story of Wales series, we will be posting a weekly quiz every Friday over the coming weeks.

We will be challenging you with 10 questions. All the questions will have a Welsh flavour, and they’ll cover everything from Welsh history, to literature, music, geography and much more.

So, give it a go, and remember to let us know how you get on: NLW on Twitter, NLW on Facebook or NLW on Instagram

(By the way, the answers are at the bottom – no cheating!)


1. Who was the founder of the Peniarth Manuscripts collection?
2. What was the name of the famous portrait artist who was born in Haverfordwest in 1876? Her brother was also a famous artist?
3. Who sent the Pennal Letter to the King of France in 1406?
4. Who presented the enquals sign (=) for the first time in the publication The Whetstone of Witte?
5. Who was the first female to win a bardic competition in the National Eisteddfod?
6. Which King of England was born at Pembroke Castle?
7. What year did the Battle of Fishguard take place?
8. Where was the Welsh artist Sir Kyffin Williams born?
9. Where did the first recorded Eisteddfod take place?
10. Name the earliest female photographer in Wales


  1. Robert Vaughan
  2. Gwen John
  3. Owain Glynd┼Ár
  4. Robert Recorde
  5. Cranogwen (Sarah Jane Rees)
  6. Henry VII
  7. 1797
  8. Llangefni, Anglesey
  9. Cardigan Castle
  10. Mary Dillwyn

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