The Literary World of Paul Peter Piech

Collections - Posted 06-05-2020

2020 is the centenary of graphic artist and poster maker Paul Peter Piech, and here at the National Library is Piech’s largest collection of linocut blocks, as well as a large collection of his unique posters and prints.

Piech was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1920, but spent most of his professional career in Britain. Over five decades he produced striking prints relating to social, political, literary and musical themes combining his trademark square lettering with colorful and bold artwork to create a truly unique style.

During the 1980s Piech moved to Wales, where he continued to work as part of the Welsh art scene. He embraced the language and culture and turned his impressions of Wales and its people into striking posters.

The influence of literature is evident in his work, and he often uses the words of writers and poets that inspired him to convey his personal views and values. He was clearly influenced by his time in Wales, and portrayed some of Wales’ most prominent writes, with a tendency to focus on those whose work had a social, political or satirical focus.

A digital version of the exhibition can be viewed on the People’s Collection Wales website.

Mari Elin Jones

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