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Day in the life - Posted 21-12-2022


During the month of November, staff from the Library visited the National Library of Scotland to attend meetings to discuss operational and strategic matters relating to the Legal Deposit agency. The Agency collects legal deposit material from across the UK and Ireland to then distribute it to all of the legal deposit libraries.

The visit involved being shown around the main National Library of Scotland building on George IV Bridge, their second site at Causewayside, and also the agency itself.

Highlights of the trip included seeing the exhibitions area at the Library, which focused on modern Scottish authors, such as Ian Rankin. There was also an opportunity to discuss library practices. A behind the scenes tour provided an opportunity to visit their extensive storage areas and discuss issues such as how they are dealing with storage space. The Periodical Team also talked about how they dealt with the backlog created because of the Covid pandemic – an issue that all legal deposit libraries needed to manage.

Visiting the Agency building was also an interesting experience, seeing the Library’s own green crates being filled with new material, to be opened and processed the following week by Library staff.

The trip was very successful. It was an opportunity to discuss important matters relating the Agency and it also showed the importance of co-working and sharing knowledge. It was also a chance to meet up with other legal deposit librarians from across the UK and Ireland.

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